Welcome to the Zollinger Family History Research Website!

This is the Website of the Working Group for Zollinger Family History. Here you will find a profile of the members of the group, an outline of the work we do, and a listing of the documentation that we have accumulated. You will also find an historical overview of the Zollinger family, a summary of the special history of the Mormon Zollingers, and a collection of biographies of famous and infamous Zollingers.

The main resource of the Working Group is a computer data base on PAF software. By the year 2002, and over a forty year period, Leland Zollinger had collected some 6,800 Swiss entries and 5,300 USA entries. Since then the working group has been able to expand the Zollinger data base further, and at the time of this first revision of the web site in early 2006, the file now consists of 25,900 entries now available in the database. Detailed information is now available on a number of key families, and provide links to the original Zollinger and von Zollikon ancestors in Zollikon, Grüningen and Lautikon, all in the Zürich Highlands of Switzerland.

With our very limited resources we endeavor to continually expand our knowledge of our Zollinger family, both in the expansion of the actual family tree on our data base and in the collection of the rich history surrounding the different branches of the family. If you do have family information, we would like to ask you to share it with us, and if you want to know how you link into the family, we will try to be of help. Please look up the different topics on top of this page, as these will guide you as to who we are, what we do, and how you can get in touch with us.

This web site was created in October 2004, and at the time the first design seemed very useful, but it lacked several important topics. Over the past year more information, contributions and text accumulated, and called for a revision. In February 2006 this revision finally took place, and the web site expanded considerably. In the future there may still be new material coming in, but on the whole the web site is now as it should be. Updates will be provided by a periodic newsletter that became a new heading on the web site as part of this revision.

Note: If you don’t read anything else, you might find it worthwhile to at least read the Section: Project Complete.

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